Workers on the packaging of the commodity returns

Place of work:

  • Swebodzin city, Poland

Working conditions:

Packaging of clothes into a new packaging, in accordance with the wishes of the customer. There is a school that teaches these things, but the worker must have the skills of manual work. The employer does not provide and does not pay for accommodation. The employer transports employees from Zelona Gurya, Sulekhov, Meizhjod, Mendzhyuzhche, Skvezhina and Krosno Odrzhanskogo - transport is free. The employer offers a job contract, the first is always for a trial period of 3 months
The salary is 2520 Polish zloty gross for the moment of signing the contract, after 3 months 2650 Polish zloty gross, after 6 months, 2,850 Polish zloty gross. The extra ours work is being payed additionally every month.