Language courses

Getting education in a foreign language is always harder than at home. To make staying abroad easier, all the universities offer additional language courses for future students. Learning a foreign language in a country where the language is spoken is the most effective way to achieve maximum results in a short time. After the student fully to take in the sights of the country: he would have to speak a foreign language not only in courses, but at University, in shops, in cafes, in the host family almost anywhere in the city.

Language learning in another country is becoming more than just a language course. This is an opportunity to know another country, another culture, make new friends. This is an opportunity to visit unique museums and exhibitions, premieres and festivals, sports competitions and many other events. Such language courses help students to understand the country, become part of it and enjoy life.

Different universities offer different language courses, and our company will help you make the right choice. Mostly universities offer the following courses:

  • The main course. It's a course offered by almost all educational institutions abroad. It will help you to learn the basics of the language, enrich your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, improve their speaking skills and overcome the language barrier. On the first day of the course testing, which is determined by the level of language proficiency and the student is determined to the appropriate group. This course lasts from several weeks up to 2 months.
  • The main course "plus". This course is a bit more complicated core, its essence lies in the additional lessons in the afternoon, usually on a certain subject. For this course requires at least intermediate level knowledge of a foreign language.
  • The intensive course. This course is designed to accelerate the development of the program, and usually takes most of the day, and accordingly, the day is given more material. It is designed for serious-minded students of foreign language will be needed for further study, residence in another country or work. Unlike the basic course, the lessons of this course are also used creative methods of learning, such as discussion in groups, students prepare presentations or written assignments, role-playing games. Such courses last from one to three months.
  • Preparation courses for the exams. Such courses aimed at preparation for international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and others. Typically, these courses last a maximum of a few weeks.
  • Courses with the study of a specific language/Preparatory courses. These courses are an intensive program of language training, and is aimed at training students to learn material in a narrow range, for example English in the pharmaceutical industry, or learning a foreign language in a legal or medical University.


So as you can see, there are many courses, each of them can offer something special. Our company will help you choose a course that will help you achieve maximum results at a certain pace, and will allow you to spend time abroad.