Firm Business Consulting deals with issues of employment abroad. Our goal is to provide services and assistance for foreign employment, skilled and unskilled professionals, of all ages and categories. We guarantee legal employment in the countries of Europe, Canada and America. Here you will find a wide range of jobs in various fields of activity, which we constantly monitor and update information in real time. You can find a lot of interesting prospects that can change your future and give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience of living abroad, as well as material support.

Our agents will help you find a position that will take into account all your preferences, financial needs and capabilities.

In our company there is one key point: our agents. They were time-tested and became our friends. Thanks to their help, we will find the vacancy that suits You.


Our services include:


Recruitment jobs

Because our firm relies on its own database of reliable partners, we will be able to find a position individually for each our client. We guarantee You quality service, attention to all details of your preferences, and any effort in finding the option that suits You.


Quality support

We will support you in all matters and will advise you in the right questions before you travel abroad. We will make every effort so that you not only were not afraid to go abroad, but also to make your stay abroad comfortable and productive.



Consultation is the first mandatory step in the design documents. During the consultation you will discuss with our staff all the details of your situation that will help you choose the right type of visa for you. Also, our firm will try to develop an optimal strategy to minimize the risk of refusal of visa.


Assistance in obtaining documents

Our agents will help competently and quickly to collect and prepare all the necessary papers, taking into account all the details and nuances of each client. Our company cooperate with visa centers and consulates, and can therefore help in registration of visas to all its customers in a fairly short time and guarantees the visa, if our agents found no reason for rejection.


Filling visa application forms

Our experts will help you fill out the application for the visa center, and print it to the maximum to reduce time of document preparation.


Assistance when choosing insurance policy

Insurance policy – a mandatory document to travel abroad. It guarantees you medical assistance in case of illness, emergency, etc. if such services will be spent on its territory. Since insurance policies are many, and each of them offers certain services, our agents will help you choose the most appropriate insurance policy for you, so you can at any time, if necessary, call a qualified professional to help.



Our company also provide services in the selection and preparation of the transport. Even if our company is unable to provide you with your vehicle, we will help You to buy a ticket for your chosen transport.



Our company will liaise with you even after you move to your new place of work. If you have any questions or complaints, we will always provide you our help and support.