For employers

Business Comfort Consulting is authorized employment Agency that is engaged in temporary and permanentemployment in Poland and the European Union.

We have a wide database of reliable employees from the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia,China ,Kazakhstan and other countries . The company itself deals with all formalities related to the employment of workers in the country.

We are able to provide highly skilled workers (including the medical industry, IT) and provide jobs in factories, in shops and restaurants.

All our employees have all the documents that are required to perform certain types of work, and has been checked and prepared by our consultants.

Every employee has the documents confirming his qualification and experience. We take full responsibility for all employees, including, in the case of illness or other incapacity, we provide a replacement.

At the request of the employer, also provide a team of specialists who work on a permanent basis or ad hoc groups of workers who are engaged in certain projects.

We consider all wishes of our customers, take into account the duration of the operation, and therefore, even finding an employee for a few hours.

The obligations of the Agency include services related to recruitment, definition of wages and payments based on invoices.

The employer bears the costs of employment only in a situation when he hires employees.

For the convenience of our customers who cooperate with us, each company has a specially assigned consultant who can help You at every stage of the contract.

The standard performance of the contract is as follows:

  • The signing of the framework cooperation agreement (example agreement on framework cooperation), which then prepares an individual contract in accordance with the requirements of the client (standard contract).
  • After receipt of your order within 2 working days from the date of the order, the estimated order and the profiles of the candidates.
  • After accepting and candidates signed the agreement.


We also provide rental service employees (employees who work for another employer during the period specified in the contract between the parties), as well as recruitment on a permanent basis.

Recommendations on certain forms of employment provide our lawyers, HR professionals and payroll, and accountant.